martes, 17 de abril de 2007

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lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Unit 8 Let's celebrate!

Describing customs and events...

In this unit I’m going to talk about my favorite holiday and what I usually do in those days...

My favorite holiday is Christmas in Venezuela; it’s always the twenty-four day in December. That night all the families get together to share and give presents, also to sing Christmas songs and have a very happy day rounded of all the people you must love.
In my family, we always get together at my grandmother’s house. Every one of the family and some friends too, bring some food to share with the others and my grandma always cooks a delicious chicken soup and serves it to all of us, her grandsons.

That’s all thank you …

Unit 7 What's this for?

Describing what things are for and how to use them.

The MP3 is used to save all the digital information you wish and also it’s used for listening music with an earphone. Everyone knows the MP3 format is used by more devices and people than any other file-based digital-audio format. It is a very useful machine most of all for the young people because they can save a lot of music they like and used to listen their music in every part or place they were.
Instructions to use it: First of all, connect it into the computer, then, add all the information you wish, including the music and songs, Remember to recharge the batteries, After that, don’t forget to turn it on, Try not to drop it, And make sure to press the “play” button to start using it.

Well, I didn’t like very much this unit because we didn’t have enough time to do it...


Final Conclusion

Well, in this blog I could show to you all of my works that I have done during this semester, personally the unit that I liked the must was the unit four, the one about how to prepare my favorite snack, because we have a great time doing it and it was easy too, but the one I didn’t like very much was the last unit because we didn’t have much time to see it. However, This was a great experience and very interesting having our English classes in the lab and writing a blog putting all the works that we have done in the semester, also our teacher Doris Molero is an excellent teacher, and I’m glad to have seen my English level five with her…Thank you for your time and please leave a comment

viernes, 13 de abril de 2007

Unit 6 A conversation about complaining and apologizing

In this unit we learn about how to make complains and request..This is a conversation betwen two neighbors, Rodolfo and Jose..

Rodolfo: Hello; excuse me neighbor, the music is very loud would you mind turning the stereo down please?

Jose: Oh sorry, you are right is very loud I didn’t realized that it was bothering, I promise I will listen to my music more silently. But, would you mind doing me a favor?

Rodolfo: Sure, tell me

Jose: Can you take off that hat! It looks stupid

Rodolfo: Ok

Well, here you have seen a conversation about complaining and apologizing

jueves, 12 de abril de 2007

Unit 5 Describing my dream vacation

Hello, in this unit I made a composition about my dream vacation ...

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is to go to Orlando in the EEUU, I Would like to travel there this year in December, I think I’ll travel there by plane, I would like to visit all of the Disney parks there, like magic Kingdom, the downtown Disney, universal studios, I’m planning to spend one entire day in each park because I would like to enjoy much of my time there. I’m going to stay in the Westgate resort village, I’m planning to go every of the casinos and disco clubs there, and I want to see the big castle in the magic kingdom park. I think I would have to take like two millions Bs for my entire trip. And finally what I really need to take with me is must of all, my suitcase, clothing, and of course, the passport and visa too.

Well, I like this unit because I could talk to you about my dream vacation and where is the place that I’m going to go on vacations.. Enter here Orlando-Florida and see it